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You Should Talk...

For a shy little girl who used to lift her dress up high over her face and hide behind it (not recently, mind you), I now talk and sing for a living.

I’m no longer too shy to announce to the world what I do and why I love it.

My mother used to tell me that as a child, I sang show tunes at the top of my lungs under the noisy hairdryer at the beauty salon when she used to take me for a haircut.

I didn’t actually realize that anyone could hear me. I could barely hear me. So what a surprise when I found out I was center stage at Paul Gay Hair Salon…

While I did attract a lot of smiles, I was never sure if it was because of my childish vocal thunder or my wacky one-inch bangs.

Either way, I kinda liked the attention.

Apparently, at some point along the way, I lost my initial shyness and decided I was definitely performance driven. And in the process, I learned that if I didn’t talk myself up, no one would know about my talents. Unless of course, you asked my mother :-)

I’m not telling you to become a braggart. Or a narcissist -but if you don’t open a mouth, who’s gonna know what you can do and how well you can do it?

Me, I just wanted everyone to hear my version of “Just you wait, Henry Higgins…”

I have followed my pursuit in music and theater through my school years and career. And I have never looked back. Because when you really love what you do, you’d do it for free. (Well, that's what they say...)

As my vocal career progressed, my mom went on to tell me that ‘for a Jewish girl, there’s a lot of ham in me….’ And she was right.

But like I said, you gotta open a mouth if you want people to know who you are.

I’m still learning. And this social media thing is one good way to share your art.

So, I’m sharing.


If you have a talent, talk about it. Let people know who you are.

Sing ‘Henry Higgins ‘at the top of your lungs.

We’ve got this one go round, right? Make it a good one.

You should talk.

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