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“Utterly amazing! Ellie is one of a kind! We had a rush music/singing animation job and Ellie not only immediately interpreted exactly what we needed but also turned around outstanding vocals in exceptionally quick time.

A true talent and ultimate professional. Would recommend Ellie to anyone with no hesitation.”

Jonathan Dennis

“Love working with Ellie. She works hard and professional. Her audio and acting is top quality!”

Frostburn Studios 

Animated Short
The Super Holidays Summer Break
Audio Drama
Letter to the Girl Who Comes After Me
Book Trailer
Book Trailer International
The Rummy Club
Childrens' Apps
Zala and the Treasure Cave
Direct Marketing
SSC Glimmerberry Ball Movie
Feature Film Documentary Trailer
Atlas Shrugged
Feature Film Trailer
(China) Adventures in the NPM
Feature Film Vocals
The Great Fear
YouTube Advert
Frozen Pipes
Web Advert
Childrens Wish Lottery
International TV Advert
International TV Advert
Listerine Kabe-Don
National Television Ad
Time Warner Cable
Video Games
Heroes of Newerth
Web Advert
Nice Voice Biometrics
Web Movie Trailer
The Night Before Cheatmas by
Ashley Madison
Blueflex Mattress
BFC, Ink
Baby Toot Toot Halloween
USP Studios
Bubble Bath Song
USP Studios
The Cat
Loco Nuts Monster Party
USP Studios
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