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Caught in the Act!

As he circled the living room in his ‘altogethers,’ my two-year-old son used to proclaim,

“I’m a nudie, I’m a NUDIE!! And he was at that.

Unlike him, I don’t normally run around in just a diaper, but I will admit that at the MIC, I am stark naked.

That is to say… I’m Raw. Vulnerable. Exposed.

That’s the thing about working in the voice over industry. You’ve got this little space all to yourself and no one’s watching (well, usually...), so hey, just go for it…

This is no time to be shy. In fact, you’ve got to be willing to undress. Let your vulnerability show, get intimate with that mic... and even let the monster out if necessary.

It’s just us...

OK. Come closer, there’s no one in the booth but you and me.


Now, to me.

Tell me the truth.

Listen, no one is going to believe what you are saying if you are not able to communicate on a gut level. It’s just a conversation. It’s instinctual, right?

Sometimes, just a whisper, a nod, a little reminder that you ‘get it’ is all you need to say.

And yes, other times, you might have to hammer it home. But if your communication is authentic and truthful, it just feels really good to be in your skin.

And trust that your audience will pay close attention.

Short and sweet. Your best message to the world is au natural.

That’s all I got to say. Now, please don't walk in on me when I'm recording in the buff..


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