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Put Your Money Where My Mouth Is...

Hey, thanks for stopping by and having a gander. I had thought about a virtual presence for quite some time and now, here I am - in the cyberflesh.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m the girl next door – but better.

I’m your brand anthem- and I can also sing it.

I’m family. I’m your seven-year-old daughter (or son!) with attitude.

I’m your aging grandmother-grateful for a healthcare plan. I’m the soccer mom, rallying for her kid and buying out Target for the holidays. I’m your Japanese host. I’m your Jewish auntie from Brooklyn and I’m your UK cousin.

I’m Mother Nature and Planet Earth.

I’m the voice of reason.

I’m the creature in the corner. I’m the ghost that’s been haunting you for years.

I’m that witch. But I’m also a princess, a queen, a sophisticate.

I’m from the dark forces. But I easily delve into the lightness of being.

I’m your Jaguar. Your messy, juicy hamburger, dripping with bacon and cheese.

I’m your escape… but also your home sweet home.

I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.

I’m happy and I know it.

I’m raspy. Sexy. Confident.

On to something…

Real voices are like the people that own them. Complex. Revealing, able to communicate a variety of emotions in the space of a minute.

Even thirty seconds.

I’m your teacher for this important instruction. I’m your customer service’s best foot forward. I’m in good company. Yours.

I’m your teddy bear. I’ll comfort you when you’re frightened. No matter how old you are. Rest assured.

I’m your interpreter. I’m your guide to this relaxation and mindful meditation.

Now... just... breathe.

And when you are looking for a voice that can say what you feel, sing what you hear and poignantly interpret that which you struggle to convey, I will bring your message home quickly-

with efficiency and conviction...

In the format of your choice.

I’m that girl. And so much more.

Happy 2019 to all my friends and family!

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