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So, In the event you are seeking any pearls of wisdom, I will tell you this.  Try not to tell your voice over clients that you can voice ANY accent (unless of course you really can).

Don’t tell them that you speak Pawnee or Silbo Gomero fluently- if you don’t - authentically.  :-)

Often times, being  too anxious to win the job can get us into trouble when we can’t really do that which we claim to be an expert. Unless you are authentic, no one will believe you. It’s the same thing in life. Is it not?

Little anecdote: In my early days of voice over, I told a potential client- seeking a particular language skill -that I spoke Farsi. 

Don’t ask me why. 

The project was an animated exercise cartoon and I was to be an instructional singing bird. In the session, it became quite obvious that indeed -I did not speak Farsi.   Boy, did I have fesenjoon on my face…

In the end, however it all worked out.  I recorded the bird-song in English with my best Iranian accent and we all had a little laugh about my “misrepresentation….”  

That said, it’s really not something you wanna do if you want to win respect in the industry.

Do what you - naturally.   The truth will set you free and all that mIshegoss...

Over and Out.

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